Hamburg, NY – Mathnaisum Learning Centers of the Southtowns and WIlliamsville announced today that beginning August 31, 2020, they will provide a formal distance-learning facilitation program for students seven-to-14 to do remote schoolwork from both learning centers.

The program, called Prime Study Space by Mathnasium, draws on Mathnasium’s ideal environment for parents working from home who need time to concentrate on work, knowing that their students are learning remotely with professional supervision with guidance from proctors.

Mathnaisum learning centers of the Southtowns and Williamsville are offering two sessions: 8am to Noon, and 12:30pm to 3:30pm Monday through Friday. Only one session per student is permitted. Prices are $1,200 a month and $900 a month per student, respectively.

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