May 21, 2021 The newest trends in interior design are out!

By: Vicki Weixlmann, Owner Home Décor Consulting

I am Vicki Weixlmann and I created Home Décor Consulting LLC. It’s a passion I’ve had all my life but finally developed after retiring from my 32 year banking career. I am a Certified Interior Decorator now, and create stylish personalized creations for my clients throughout WNY; primarily in the south towns. Keeping my clients up to date with all the current trends is part of my 30-minute free consultation.

Here are four of the newest trends I am finding for 2021.

“Japani”-Japan and Scandinavian mix stemming from the minimalist style. This trend includes neutral color schemes and sleek lines. Very calming and Zen like with a focus on simplicity, natural elements, use of texture and comfort.

Grandmillennial Style– Millennials are looking to Grandma for comfort and serenity. Décor items like velvet pillows, needlepoint, and floral curtains just to name a few. Mix with bold colors and you’ve got  one of the latest trends.

Dividers and Doors– Moving away from the open floor plan, some homeowners are looking to use their space for multiple functions. With so many people working from home now, people are carving out work space and/or creative space as a necessity. Furniture is playing double duty, not only for beauty but also for function such as storage.

Environmental Focus– Construction professionals and Interior Designers alike are focusing on the environment.  Things like transparency and sustainability are two key goals. Designers are using smart lighting and furniture constructed from recycled materials in their designs just to name a few.

My goal is to offer my clients the “designer look without the designer price”. Giving clients a unique service of value, not widely offered.

My goal as a decorator is to reveal the beauty in each clients home and bring that to life. Helping clients come home to a comfortable, relaxing space that is all their own.

My services include full-service room design and color consultation, but also offer staging and seasonal decorating.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Vicki at [email protected] or call 716-225-2913. Home Décor Consulting is your professional home and business decorator specializing in room design, one day and seasonal decorating, and styling and staging. Visit us on the web at