For immediate release: June 11, 2021

Southtown Audio Video has been a family affair since it opened its doors in 1984. Through its evolution of current owner, Heather Sidorowicz, it is growing the family footprint again.

In 2014 Heather Sidorowicz purchased the business from her father, Tom Laski. At the time SAV had just begun to break into the commercial audio-visual markets. Heather transformed the business into a woman owned and operated machine catering to the corporate, healthcare, immersive technologies, education and relationship-residential sectors. SAV grew 103% in 2015 and has seen continued growth every year since then.

Heather Sidorowicz commented, “SAV grew up in the residential market, so we knew how to take care of our clients. We under-estimated how much customer service was missing from the commercial sector and that was the reason for our explosive growth in 2015 and why we continue to grow today.”

Now SAV is growing again, this time adding Heather’s husband Bryan to the mix as well as hiring another employee, John Saunders and an administrative assistant Allison Gannon. Bryan comes to SAV with an extensive events and logistics background. He started his career at the University of Buffalo’s Center for the Arts where he rose to Production Director before taking over all events at the University. From there he went on to become the Director of Ride for Roswell and then Operations Director for Roswell’s alliance foundation. His events background coupled with his technical expertise has earned him the position of Director of Operations for Southtown Audio Video.

“Bryan’s logistics skills are a huge asset to SAV as we have been contracted for larger projects. While, I am technically his boss, we work in tandem, and both use our skills to help SAV be the best AV company in WNY and beyond.”

Mr. Saunders comes to SAV with a background in lighting design and live events. A carpenter at heart, he has helped SAV create custom pieces to improve the visual install on projects. His vast background means there is not much he has not seen, and he understands “the show must go on.”

Mrs. Gannon worked with SAV back in 2006 before she went on to have a family. “We are pleased to have Allison back and helping out. She is often our first line of defense and her organization skills and fearless attitude get us where we need to be,” commented Mrs. Sidorowicz.

Sav’s mission is to enhance life with technology in the places you work, live, and play. With customized solutions for whatever you need from home theater systems to large corporate build outs, SAV has the expertise and knowledge to not only make technology work for you, not the other way around, but also provides training and technical support for life. For more information, please visit their website at or call 716-648-6565.